May 07


Fashion Week is officially wrapped and in the bag. What a week…  

After speaking in Melbourne I was on the red-eye back home and up after 3 hours sleep to shoot 5 shows on the first day. We had some killer girls in town for this week, but unfortunately some of our best designers decided not to show, I don’t blame them. I talked to a few of the business partners about their reasoning behind not participating and agreed whole heartedly, although it set the week off to an ‘odd’ vibe. In any case, it was great to work with Oyster again and Mr. Vassallo for the first time. I’ve had the kindest words from everyone involved and will now sleep for a week straight in recovery.

Thank you MBFWA for running.
Thank you Oyster for holding it down.
Thank you Mark V for putting in work.
Thank you Front for the support. 
Thank you French Montana for releasing Coke Boyz 3, the Official Soundtrack of MBFWA 2012.

I won’t go too far into the details, but the following is my ‘Killer’ list of the week.

If you missed anything, it’s all up on*


*note; Please forgive the colour of the images on We had an issue with colour spaces shifting through uploading, and they’ve desaturated and flattened a touch. We’re in the process of re-uploading all the colour shots to do the garments and shows justice.