Dec 19

Every American that hasn’t vociferously championed improved gun control measures should be ashamed of themselves (again). Your dissociative relationship with gun violence now tolerates periodic massacre, and there is little inclination to engage in evidence based discussions that employ the clear and unequivocally damning statistics on deaths by firearms. All arguments to the contrary are farcical and built upon foolishly sentimental abstractions like ‘patriotism’. The second amendmant was ratified at the end of the 17th century and unlike the other amendments in the bill of rights - it has become outmoded and antiquated. Worse than being antiquated though, it has become an arbiter of violence.

"Guns don’t kill people, people do" - this is the continued and flawed logic of the ignorant. People kill people with guns. The 5 states with the highest gun ownership have the highest gun related death. The 5 states with the lowest gun ownership have the lowest gun related death. America accounts for far more gun related death per capita than the rest of the western world combined. Lobby your government, and challenge those among your peers who seek to make a mockery of your identity as our world’s leader. This must be the imperative of every rational thinker among you. It’s much too sad to watch this story repeat itself with escalating frequency.

‐ D. McDonald